Saturday, April 25, 2009


I attempted to sleep in today – after being up so late last night! I woke up at 8 something and couldn’t fall back asleep so I stayed in bed writing yesterday’ blog post and uploading photos. Had a shower and headed downstairs to get something to eat. Brewed a fresh pot of Dunkin Donuts coffee and had some Chinese thing Ms. Evelyn had made. I enjoyed them both while sitting and chatting with Ms. Evelyn about being expats and about what people call “home.” What is home? The dictionary has many definitions for it: “Where you live at a particular time,” “where one’s roots are,” or “where the heart is.” By the way, an expat is short for an expatriate – somebody who is temporarily or permanently living in a country other than where they are from. Anyways just something for all of you to think about…

So around 1 Kristen, Ms. Evelyn and I headed on the subway to People’s Park to get a taxi and go to the French side and visit the back alleyways filled with art and little shops. First of all the metro is packed to begin with during the week…. Today let me remind you is Saturday! It was CRAZY; we were packed in so tightly nobody had to hold on as it jerked forward or to a stop! Ms. Evelyn laughs and jokes that I must be half Chinese because I know how to make my way through the crazy roads, the people and everything without getting hit or knocked down. I was making my way down the stairs and a young man looked at me and started talking. He followed us to line 2 where we got on and he grabbed my hand and told me I looked like Cinderella! Then he told me he had a girlfriend who is from America and he washes her feet everyday…. Haha! I was trying to be polite and Kristen is laughing with Ms. Evelyn, he then tells me I have nice feet – ok now I am self conscious about my feet… thanks dude hahaha. We got smooshed together on the subway and he just kept staring, which made me laugh and I kept trying to ignore him then he turns to Kristen and tells her she looks like Snow White! Kristen’s hair is blonde, SW ‘s is black…. Haha this guy was nuts, so after prying my hand out of his I slipped off at the next station. We met a couple from the States who were in Shanghai for a couple of days, they work for an airline and had time off or something, they were very nice.

We grabbed a cab and headed for the French side. We started making our way through the tight alleys and walking into the little shops and enjoying the beautiful artwork. I have never been somewhere quite like that, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! There was laundry hanging in the alleys above our heads, the tiny elderly lady sitting in a chair in front of a shop smoking a cigarette, the sound of children laughing floating in the air, the birds for sale in cages, something sweet smelling filled the air, and people trying to snap pictures of us! It was such a fun experience, I might have to go back and explore some more before I come home.

We decided to get an early dinner and Ms. Evelyn took us to this restaurant known for its dumplings. We were all hungry and Kristen and I told her to order and we would eat whatever. The food that came out…. Oh my goodness! First green beans and sliced pork, then some sort of noodles, rice and meat pocket things, more meet, and delicious dumplings! Let me tell you right now that some of these foods are difficult to eat with chopsticks. I must say though that I think every meal tastes better if you eat it with chopsticks, it’s an adventure in itself and it’s so much more fun than a fork and knife! After eating way more than I should have we all headed back to the taxi and back to the metro.

We got back to our compound and Kristen and I decided we wanted to get the ginger back, foot, and leg massage. I can’t even describe this other than its 70 minutes of heaven for only 11 US dollars! Ginger mixed with something else is put on your knees and it helps with circulation, movement, pain, and helps relax you. These people give the best massages; Massage Envy has nothing on them!! I about fell asleep! While enjoying your massage you are given barley tea and a bag of hot uncooked beans or something that you can put on your back or neck. Soft music plays in the background and the lights are dimmed. So good! Afterwards we hopped back on our bikes and headed home.

I’m going to watch 7 Pounds the movie then head to bed!


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  1. Another interesting day! It was great chatting with you this morning. My friend Leslie wrote an incredibly interesting commentary on the movie 7 Pounds if you feel like reading it: