Monday, April 27, 2009


Jumped in the taxi this morning and he asked if he could go out a gate that was blocked. Still somewhat groggy I said no, no, bu hao. He laughed and for the next five minutes of our 30 minute car ride to HSH he was laughing saying no, no… no, no… I just smiled and did one of those little laughs you do sometimes. I always wonder if people can tell if I am faking it or not, well he seemed happy so oh well.

I arrived at HSH and did some beading and taught English to four guys. They were very smart and caught on quite quickly! The man who took me to the bus stop on Friday took be there again today when it was time to go. He drove slower today – maybe he did see my white knuckles haha! We were driving back and he told me he was going to stop and buy me something to drink. I was a little confused and before I knew it he pulled over and some lady was making us drinks of some sort to go. We got them and left, it was interesting, I thanked him and later asked Ms. Evelyn what it was and she said it was some sort of grass-jelly bubble tea drink. It was very thoughtful of him.

I went grocery shopping with Evelyn today and saw things like ducks guzzards, chicken feet, tongue, stomach, lots of seaweed, and some other odd things to eat. I passed a place walking home today that serves turtle, I am eating there on Wednesday, I’m in China I may as well try the stuff! I told Evelyn she has to come try it with me. Her favorites are frog legs and chicken feet. We are going to go some time in the next week or so hopefully that serves all her favorites and I am going to get to try it all. NASTY but so exciting!!

The sky was what we call Shanghai blue today… a kind of gray with a hint of blue. So much pollution here it’s never really blue. The time the sky looks the best is right after it rains, it becomes clearer and for that one night you can spot a couple of stars in the night.

I helped Ms. Evelyn a bit with dinner then watched a movie. This evening the boys and I took Harry for a walk and Andrew and Bryan taught me how to skateboard! It’s not as easy as it looks!! We had so much fun and I was glad to have time to get to know Andrew better.

Tomorrow I am doing a tour of Yuyaun, old town Shanghai. It includes a trip to the secret fabric market, and we are also doing an authentic xiaolongbao Chinese lunch. I will let you know what that means in tomorrow’s blog because I’m not entirely sure.


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  1. Love the picture of you on the electric bike! You have become quite the adventurous eater...maybe you'll come have sushi with Heather and I when you get back! I skyped you at 7:10 tonight my time but you must have left already. I just know your day will be great with more cool pictures! I'm home in the morning (night your time) so call!!