Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why Not?

This morning I ate a mango muffin on my way to Home Sweet Home. I arrived and taught English and helped out with a couple miscellaneous things. In my group of guys is one that likes me a lot, he is the one who has been taking me to the bus and who bought me the drink the other day. A couple of days ago my guys asked me what my Chinese name was, I told them to give me one because I don’t have one…. Today they told me my Chinese name is Bah guh – or something like that. They told me it meant pretty white flower and Ms. Evelyn confirmed it haha. They are so cute; I love them and am going to miss them!

So I am sitting on the back of the motorcycle sideways again, dreading the drive to the bus stop! I have bruises from the bumpy, speedy, and crazy rides from all the other days! The road forks at one point and to get to the main road you have to turn left and go over a bridge, well he turned right…. Hmmm I was confused and said bu hao zuo (no turn left)! He then sped up and told me detour. I cut my hand trying to stay on! Oh goodness!! Well turns out he wanted to parade me around his neighborhood honking the horn on and waving to everyone!! We then crossed a very narrow bridge and were back on the main road to the bus. Haha. Bus 990 came and I got stuck in the back crammed in a corner and literally had to climb over people to get out! So awkward!

I grabbed a taxi and headed to Thumb Plaza where I was meeting Ms. Evelyn for lunch at Queens. I told her to order and I wanted to be adventurous – I am in China aren’t I?! Out it came…. Chicken feet!! As most of you know I absolutely hate feet in general and they gross me out, even my own haha! Now I lived on a farm for many years as a kid and we had chickens, I know all about them. Well here went nothing, I stared at it a bit, tried not to think about it being a foot, and took a bite. It surprisingly wasn’t bad; you have to spit out the tiny bones inside. Now it’s not something I would eat often, but if I had to I would, you just can’t think about it being a foot. We ate some other things as well but the feet had to be mentioned. We shopped around a bit, had some ice cream, and headed home. I checked a bit of e-mail and am once again behind! I took a power nap and then took my motorbike to Kristen’s house.

Kristen and I headed to the subway and off to Puxi we went to help Jason with a homeless program he started. Washing clothes and providing new ones, letting them shower, etc. Well haha we got there and got in a taxi and the taxi got us lost. We ended up getting out, walking to a different subway, and getting dinner. Jason’s program is only open for a couple of hours and we would have gotten there too late. So we enjoyed dinner and then headed home exhausted. I got back home and talked with the boys a bit and tried to figure out who Andrew has a crush on – I love being a big sister! Had a cup of milk tea, some chocolate Pocky sticks, and am heading to bed.


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