Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quiet Day

Had the chance to sleep in today, and then spent the morning catching up on e-mail and such. I think I have responded to everyone know…? Had some coffee & Pop Tarts and finished the movie I started last night. Mr. Gary and the boys brought back KFC for lunch – yes I ate it despite my dislike towards KFC’s treatment of their chickens before they kill them. I know you probably think this is ridiculous but oh well haha.

Well I took Harry for a walk around the compound, little children were sitting under the trees near the water taking a drawing class. It was so cute; sadly I had left my camera at home! After that we headed to AGIF - a church for exapts. The family I am living with are originally from Taiwan but are US citizens now and so as expats are allowed to go to church and have other freedoms Chinese citizens don't have. A bunch of us went out to Johnny Moos for dinner afterwards - they had excellent burgers and shakes! Am I actually here in China?!!

Ms. Evelyn, Mr. Gary and I all went to Head to Toe and Ms. Evelyn and I got pedicures and Mr. Gary got a haircut. It was lots of fun and my toes look great haha. Then we came home and watched Monsters and Aliens, the boys went out and bought it while we were getting our pedicures.

It was a quiet day, nothing overly exciting, I don’t have any pictures but Ms. Evelyn took some and I will put them up later. I have HSH tomorrow, not sure what I will be doing there. After that I will possibly do some more exploring, we shall see! Off to bed, I feel a sore throat coming on!

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