Thursday, April 30, 2009

2 Weeks

Today was my last day at HSH. I did a bunch of little things, including giving a group of people a tour and answering questions. It was bitter sweet, I hate saying goodbye and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to teach these people and really be taught by these people. A group of 3 expats were there today helping teach and they offered to have their driver take me home. Before I left Christina, the head of HSH, gave me a letter with a picture of everybody and a signed card from everyone – Definitely something I will keep forever! I hopped in the van and we were off, the ladies were all very nice and we chatted as though we had been friends for years.

I had planned on helping Ms. Evelyn watch her 3 year old niece this afternoon but turned out last minute we didn’t have to. So I spent the afternoon watching movies and taking a nap.
We headed out for a pretty western dinner at Blue Frog. On the way home we picked up Andrew from a friend’s house and stopped off at the movie store. I bought Slumdog Millionaire -16 RMB!!- and just finished watching it, what a movie! I now know why it won so many awards.

Haha so funny story.... Mr. Gary was teaching me to drive the motorcycle tonight… haha A friend was moving back to the States and gave it to them, he had never driven it before and was having difficulties. He almost hit a car and the guard saw and was like watching and was not looking happy that he came about an inch from the car and almost crashed a few other times. haha so I hopped on and was doing great and Andrew and Mr. Gary both said wow your doing great and well… Mr. Gary had told me to try using just the foot brake and I did and I didn’t let off enough on the gas to turn and brake and I crashed through a fence! haha I wasn't going fast and the fence is about 3 feet tall and wooden. We all couldn't stop laughing! Nobody was hurt! Mr. Gary went and told the guard who actually thought that Mr. Gary did it. It was in the compound so it wasn’t a big deal, the guard was actually shocked and speechless that somebody would report themselves rather than running away. What an adventure that was! The guard thought Mr. Gary was blaming me and kept saying to him, ok but YOU be careful! Haha we all laughed until we about cried. Don’t worry mom when I buy my own motorcycle when I get home it will be lighter and have good working brakes, and I will buy a helmet!

Tomorrow Ms. Evelyn and I are going shopping and possibly to the fabric market as well. I am going to get some things made so that should be fun. Miss you all!


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  1. read my lips," NO MORE MOTORCYCLES!!"
    Have a great weekend on all the walking tours with Evelyn (thank goodness!)I'll look forward to chatting when I get home from the beach...xoxo