Friday, May 1, 2009


Today was May holiday, aka Labor Day. Ms. Evelyn and I headed to Puxi to one of the fabric markets and walked around. I swear there was every piece of fabric and material imaginable and then some. I had in my mind that I wanted a black cocktail dress and a summer dress to start. If I was happy with what they made I would go back and get more stuff custom made. We walked around and talked about the design and style I wanted, and of course bargained. They both should be done on the 7th, I can’t wait, and they are going to look amazing! Ms. Evelyn ended up getting two dresses made as well, guess it’s contagious!

We headed home and took Bryan to a birthday party then went out to go purse shopping! I was given the address of a hidden place and so we hopped in a taxi and went to the location. Walked down an alley and down a set of stairs, a man asked us what we wanted and we told him. Very suspicious he asked how we had come to find them, and we told him through a friend. A lady came out and then they walked us down a dark hallway with many doors and no lights, you could hear the water dripping and there was some horrible stench. The man looked at us again and unlocked a door and flipped on a light. Inside were bags, sunglasses, belts, watches and more! Some were fakes others had fallen off of trucks or were stolen apparently. We didn’t buy anything in the end but laugh the whole way back at the experience. After that we headed to a local purse place and I bought a couple handbags and Ms. Evelyn bought one. I must say we make an AMAZING bargaining team!!!

Came home absolutely exhausted and had about a half hour of downtime before heading out to dinner. Bryan and Andrew are spending the night at their friends’ houses. I spent the evening helping Ms. Evelyn with a PowerPoint presentation she was working on and am now getting some rest before heading out to shop again tomorrow!

Oh and can’t forget, I passed this bathroom and had to take a picture. Here is what the sign said outside: Women 0.5 RMB, Men free, elderly and children free. night!


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