Thursday, May 14, 2009

And so it Began...

Ate a wonderful homemade scone for breakfast this morning along with a delicious cup of coffee. I’ve been taking my vitamins lately and I seem to have more energy and I think I am officially almost better haha. I hopped in the car with ms. Evelyn and I headed for the fabric market once again. A few final touchups are being done and I am picking them up tomorrow. I was walking out and well… haha I ran across a cute zebra fabric I loved... well… I am getting another dress made. But I got yet another great deal on it; I love how cheap everything is here!! It will be ready tomorrow as well so after Yu Yuan I will pick them up.

Ms. Evelyn and I went out to lunch at Element Fresh and had wonderful food and smoothies. We picked up Kristen afterwards and headed to a grocery store to buy a few things before heading to the subway. On the way we discovered it was my driver’s birthday! We had to sing him happy birthday with a few cha-cha-chas added in haha. I think he turned red out of embarrassment for us! Hahaa He dropped Kristen and I off at the subway and took ms. Evelyn home. A week ago I saw this green purse I loved but decided not to buy…. Well I can’t find it anymore. I bought a couple of things, some wallets, and two tea sets. I got some great deals!! I was a bit frustrated that I couldn’t find this purse and after a couple of hours I was worn out. I decided to go into one last store… I walked in and didn’t see anything I liked, the lady came and said which brand?? By then I was like whatever… she said Coach? D&G? Prada? I was like sure let me see. I was thinking she would pull out her suitcase or take me into the hidden room. Well she opened a bookshelf and took me into another room and locked the door behind me. She pushed me into a corner and opened another two doors! She told me to follow her, and I did haha. There were so many purses…. I can’t even describe it to you! I picked my two favorites and she said 1800 RMB each but that she would give me a deal and it would only cost 2500 RMB. After going back and forth for about 10 minutes, and to the point I thought she was never going to let me out, I got both purses for 300 RMB. I was so happy haha! Success AND I love the bags I got more than the green one from earlier this week.

Kristen and I went back to her house and hung out for a bit and had some amazing sweet and sour chicken that Lee made. We hopped on our bikes and headed to a cheap DVD friend of hers. With our amazing biking in China skills we definitely must have some Asian in our blood haha! I bought a ton of DVDs, including a complete collection of Disney movies! Haha call me crazy but some of those classics are amazing! I also bought the first 4 seasons of The Office for my brother, Josh. I also bought about 15 other movies. We rode our bikes home and I walked back to my compound with all my things.

So earlier today I had the start of my goodbyes. Lee was my first, she is such a sweet woman and there is something about her that whenever around her you feel instantly at home. She gave me a sweet letter and a teddy bear wearing a China t-shirt. Oh and I can’t forget the Chinese Halls! I have been sick and couldn’t find my halls or halls here but she found them! I am going to miss her, but she has a house in Tennessee so I will be making a trip there sometime in the future to visit her when she is in the US! I shed a few tears especially knowing this was just the beginning. I will be home in two days and I feel like I just got here. I have a busy day tomorrow, Yu Yuan with Kristen, the fabric market and then dinner or going to Shift to say goodbye to people. Night.

I'm going to miss my Chinese phone and those who text me on it!


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