Sunday, May 3, 2009

Century Park

Well today I was supposed to help out with the middle school kids but turned out 180 was canceled today. So Andrew and I took a taxi to Century Park and explored before meeting up with his parents later. We decided to head first to go feed the pigeons, it took us about 30 minutes to find the place where they were – I swear the signs we would pass kept telling us a different direction to go! We finally arrived and I asked for two bags of feed, then I handed the lady 2 rmb and was getting out another 2 and she gave me this look like “Oh my why would you want two bags of feed!!!” I wish I had my camera out, the face was priceless! I handed a bag to Andrew and I think she understood. We fed the birds and chatted then made our way to a carnival section. Along the way we passed a guy fishing and decided to watch him for a little bit. He had a net full of fish but never caught anything while we watched. After that we decided on bumper cars. Let me tell you Chinese bumper cars is intense!!! Every time I was hit I felt like I was in an actual car wreck haha. No seatbelts and little bumpers and high speeds. This gave an American bumper car place a run for its money! I was zooming and crashing into people, I have a huge bruise on my knee as proof that this should have been called Extreme Bumper Cars. I had to post a picture of the rules which number one was : Dunkards and people with sickness or psychopaths are not allowed to play this game. Whoops don’t know how I got on – in America psychopaths are allowed on rides haha. After that and another ride which I swear I almost died on we headed to find I taxi. We were waiting for one to drive by when some guards were eyeing me and then asked Andrew in Chinese who I was to him – haha – Andrew told them I was his sister and they look pleased and thoroughly confused! Right then we hopped in a taxi and were off – what an adventure!

We went out to dinner later and then picked up a movie from the store. I managed to lose my phone or maybe it was stolen, I don’t know, at Century Park so I had to go get a new one. I needed some “fresh” air, or really just toxic cool air, so I took my motorbike to Carrefour to get a new phone. It was about 9 at night I had a black jacket and black sweats on and had the light on my bike on. I’m driving down the road signing and just for the record - I don’t look at the Chinese funny when they sing on their bikes! They give me the oddest looks to begin with and singing just brought out more looks of befuddlement! Anyways I’m riding along and am going through an intersection trying not to get run over, I passed somebody quite quickly and recognized her, and then I heard somebody call my name! Seriously I am in Pudong and somebody is calling my name as I zoom by, and I am wearing all black in the dark night!?!! Haha I think it was Matt, the guy whose bday party I went to, still not quite sure, I will have to ask him next time I see him. But I couldn't turn around to say hi because I was already in the middle of the intersection.

Came home and watched a movie with the family and finally got around to doing some laundry :). Tomorrow I am off to the orphanage and then the rest of this week I am shopping and helping recruit middle school kids for paintball. Night.


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  1. Looking forward to hearing how it goes at the orphanage today! Glad you're having fun with Brian. Be careful on that bike!!!