Monday, May 4, 2009


Lee, Kristen, and Adrienne, picked me up around nine and we were on our way to the orphanage. We were on the bridge to Puxi when Lee’s driver slammed on the breaks and we all braced ourselves- we don’t wear seatbelts here remember- and hit into the truck in front of us. The driver jumped out of the car and he and the other driver agreed to drive off the bridge and discuss the situation. We all put on seatbelts and drove off the bridge trying to figure out what happened. We came to a stop and the Eric said “I get you taxi.” We got out of the car and Lee's car was a bit bumped up. Nobody was hurt, so it's all good. Lee was pretty shaken about it all but I think she is ok now. We got in a taxi and were a bit sensitive to all the fast stops and stuff. I am actually a bit surprised this is the first time I’ve been in the car when something like this has happened, with all the taxis I ride in and their driving we have come close more than a handful of times per trip!

We made it to the orphanage in one piece and headed up three flights of stairs to one of the rooms. It did not smell good and the ladies working there didn’t seem to have much love or patience for the kids. It was a sad sight, and I wanted to take them all home with me – what made it worse is that this is one of the better orphanages, some they don’t let foreigners in. The kids were precious and it broke my heart to see so many of them rocking back and forth with anxiety, some even hitting themselves. We had the opportunity to name some of them and we got to play and hold them as well as feed them lunch. Some of the names were, Rosey, Heather, Tom, Eddie, Emma, and Audrey. I don’t even know what to say about this experience other than I can add it to my “unforgettable moments” list.

Kristen, Adrienne, Suz, and her friend and I went out to lunch afterwards. We had an American waitress!!! Haha who knew something like this would excite all of us. We walked around Watsons afterwards – a CVS – and I couldn’t help but laugh at the “Skin bleach” become whiter creams, the beer shampoo, and the packaged chickens feet.

I got home and ms. Evelyn and I headed out to look at new houses. The first one was disgusting – mom it needed your staging skills! The landlord was living in it and we walked in and the place stunk. There were dirty walls, clothes everywhere, dirty socks, unmade beds, trash everywhere. ICK. We headed to the next house both unpleased and the lady couldn’t get the door open. They have keyless doors here and they take a 4 digit number and the lady kept trying 6 numbers. She then left us there for about 20 minutes while she tried to find another code. In the end we couldn’t get in and so we went home. I took a nap and then we had a wonderful dinner.

Andrew wanted to dye his hair dirty blonde so I took him to the store and we got the lightest color we could find. Not many let me tell you the best we could find was a ginger brown color : (. We bought it and got some mango drinks and headed home. I dyed his hair and his mom didn’t want it too light so she made him wash it out after 15 minutes. It would have been better had we of left it in longer but it looks gingery. I hope the color is better in the morning. I will probably dye it back to black for him before I come back to the States. It was quite the experience and we had a lot of fun!


Another busy day tomorrow so goodnight.



  1. Awww precious babies :)) I admit I'm a little jealous... :)

  2. Another powerful life experience to add to who you are...I'm sure you were a blessing to those precious little ones.