Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The sunrise in Jin Qiao today was at 4:30…. God seriously must be laughing right now. I couldn’t sleep tonight, that brain of mine doesn’t know when to shut off apparently. Just when I’m finally settling down – around 4am- I am about to drift off into sleep and BAM the sun shoots up. Mind you I do have curtains but I can’t fall asleep now.

Well I went shopping today and now the people know my name and know what I want haha. I went into one and they were all excited I was back, is this bad sign haha. They took me back into the back room and pulled out a suitcase full of the good stuff haha. Suddenly one of them switched the lights of and they were all whispering in Chinese, I could only understand a bit of it and they were trying to hide the bags. I understood enough to know that the police were coming and that we had to be quiet. Luckily the police passed by and we didn’t have any issues! I spent the afternoon and part of the evening buying bags and being rushed into backrooms. I’ve become a pro at bargaining and can get them down about 75% from their original price. They all know now that I want it cheap but good stuff and that I know what I want haha.

I took the subway to Lujiazui to go to Super Brand Mall. I am not a big mall person or even a big shopper – despite my last few posts haha- but I can appreciate this 10 story mall filled with every store and every item imaginable. I was heading out exit two when this little hunched over, creepy looking, 4 foot man, looked like he was making a b-line for me! This was the first time I have felt a bit nervous while living here. We managed to get lost in the crowd and up the stairs and outside so it was all good haha. I was walking down the streets and realized how much I am going to miss it here… living here has taught me so much and I hate to leave. I must say I am excited to see my friends and family but I am also wondering how life in America will be after I’ve adjusted to living here. Well back to my mall experience… I had seen a dress I liked earlier this week but didn’t have time to try it on so I went to try it on and ended up not liking it haha. So I made my way back to the subway hopped on and headed home.

We had a simple Chinese dinner and I had a cup of tea. Bryan practiced his trumpet and is actually pretty good! I lay on the couch for awhile listening to ms. Evelyn play the piano and sing, while I caught up on e-mail. Mr. Gary and I discussed how I was going to get all my stuff back to the US haha. For an international flight to pay for a 3rd bag is $200! How ridiculous! I am going to ship some of my stuff back which will still be expensive but will be cheaper than $200 and the chance of it being searched is slimmer.

Today I am going to the fabric market again to pick up my dresses that were getting fixed and to pick up the shorts I got made. Hopefully all will fit well and look good. Kristen and I are going to a movie place to buy movies tonight, and I think I’ll get a massage as well. Maybe some more shopping to go along with all of that, though on Friday Kristen and I are going to Yu Yuan so maybe I will wait till then.

I will be needing a few extra cups of coffee this morning. oh goodness! I will be home in 3 days!


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